Resilience and planning

Resilience & Planning

  • Is your team ready?
    Is your team ready?


To ensure you are in the best position and well prepared,

‘plan early and plan well’.

Trident Crisis Solutions is able to offer solutions to give you that confidence.


Site Internal & External Emergency Plans (HSE Permissioning Regimes)

Furthermore, TCS will write, review and exercise Site internal & external emergency plans to satisfy the Health & Safety legislation of:-

  • COMAH – Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations (as amended) 2015
  • PSR – Pipeline Safety Regulations 1996
  • REPPIR – Radiation Emergency Preparedness & Public Information Regulations 2001
  • Nuclear Licence Conditions – Office for Nuclear Regulations Licence Conditions 2016 LC11 Emergency Arrangements

With a wealth of experience working with site operators, the HSE and all relevant stakeholders, TCS will provide you with an assurance of quality and the confidence of compliance.


 Plan Early & Plan Well – Reap the Rewards


Pea2Well positioned in the marketplace offering resilience is a strong hand

Assurances to customers and suppliers

Minimise the impact of an emergency situation on your business

Respond effectively to a wide range of challenges & disruptions

Compliance with the BCMS elements of ISO 14000, 3100 & 9001

Compliance with legal obligations under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004

Compliance with industry standards – HSE COMAH, PSR,  REPPIR & ONR LC11

Compliance with the NHS England EPRR Framework 2015

Benefiting from business improvements as BCMS is rolled out



Contingency Plans

Trident Crisis Solutions is able to deliver bespoke contingency plans, taking into consideration both the hazard and  threat assessment carried out at the local level.   In any planning phase TCS will concentrate on:-

  • Scope of the plan                                                  Resilience
  • Risk Assessment
  • Legal Requirements
  • Command & Control
  • Communications and media
  • Activation processes
  • Response Phase
  • Mitigatory Actions
  • Recovery Phase
  • Stand-down
  • De-brief and learning
  • Plan review process

Bespoke Planning Capabilities

Malicious attacks, including the use of marauding firearms tactics and CBRN attacks are a very real threat for the UK and her allies.  The atrocities in the USA on 9/11, at home on 7/7 and the recent Paris marauding terrorist are vivid reminders of the impact of terrorism.  The UK Security Services are working with businesses and organisations through the CONTEST strategy to reduce the likelihood of an attack and prepare them for the what if…  Terrorism is changing but the effects on your staff and your business can not be underestimated.

Professionals within Trident Crisis Solutions have worked alongside these work-streams and are able to assist you in three of the four stands, namely the PREVENT, PREPARE, PROTECT stands; we can help.


CBRN Threats

Having a robust plan with effective training will reduce the likelihood of placing your staff in immediate danger and reduce the level of disruption to your business.

Writing contingency and business continuity management plans, training your staff and testing and exercising plans and capabilities will put your business in a position of readiness.


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