Business Continuity Management

  • Now what?
    Now what?
  • Ebola, Swine Flu, in the UK; surely not!?
    Ebola, Swine Flu, in the UK; surely not!?
  • The water will destroy my business!
    The water will destroy my business!
  • Cannot access your work place?
    Cannot access your work place?
  • Congratulations, we have every confidence in your business
    Congratulations, we have every confidence in your business


“Is your business being asked for business continuity plans more and more before you win a new contract?”

  • 75% of businesses who do not have robust business continuity plans fail within three years of a disruption.

  • 75% of businesses have poor visibility of their supply chain despite disruptions costing millions.


Embedding BCMS into your business

Embedding Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS) into your business may not be at the top of your agenda so TCS will take care of it for you.   With the support of your strategic management team we will do the rest.

‘Business Continuity is everyone’s business, whether you are managing a department, a team leader within a department, a member of a team stated in any business continuity plan or are affected by the effects of implementing a Business Continuity Plan.  Business Continuity Management is your business’.  (Thomas 2009).


National and International standards

TCS will utilise both international and national standards for BCMS; allowing your business to promote its standing within your industry sector or area.  Robust BCMS is a strong selling position.  We can also adapt the standards to create a BCM Plan appropriate for your business needs.

ISO 22301: 2012

Societal Security – Business Continuity Management Systems – Requirements

ISO 22313: 2012

Societal Security – Business Continuity Management Systems – Guidance

Business Continuity Institute BCI

Good Practice Guidelines 2013 Global Edition

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It’s time to activate your BCM Plan!


Trident Crisis Solutions will work with your organisation to create robust and flexible crisis management plans, including crisis communications, helping you respond more effectively.


Utilising the international standards 22301 we will focus on;

  • The scope of the requirement, the terms & definitions

  • The context of your organisation/business

  • The requirements for strategy, policy & leadership within your business

  • We will work on developing plans

  • Consider support mechanisms that may be required

  • Look at operations, business impact analysis (BIA) and how best to exercise & validate your BCMS

  • Consider performance evaluation and mechanisms for on-going analysis

  • Look for continual improvements and square the circle


What’s current in Business Continuity Management

 BCI Good Practice Guidelines 2013

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BCi GPG 2013002The Good Practice Guidelines (GPG) are the independent body of knowledge for good Business Continuity practice worldwide.  They represent current global thinking in good Business Continuity (BC) practice and now include terminology from ISO 22301:2012, the International Standard for Business Continuity management systems.  



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"If I'd only had a better plan"

“If I’d only had a better plan”

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