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Trident Crisis Solutions Ltd (TCS) is a highly professional and experienced group of Emergency Management Consultants with an international pedigree.  TCS offers an extensive range of emergency preparedness, resilience planning, business continuity management and training solutions that suits your organisational needs, and your organisational budget.

With over 150 years of combined operational experience and over 50 years in delivering bespoke planning, training and exercise solutions for a range of threats and hazards; TCS will provide a bespoke solution for your resilience and compliance needs.  TCS is a group of professional consultants from senior positions from Fire & Rescue, Police, the Health Sector, Military, Local Authority and Media specialists that are ready to support your requirements.

The UK Government’s assessment of hazards and threats are a reflection of a global picture and TCS is experienced in working across Europe and the Middle East.

The assessments of natural hazards and threats from international and UK radicalised terrorism are captured in the National Risk Register 2020 Edition.  The assessment of hazards and threats at the local UK level is managed by Strategic Officers from Category I & II responding organisations.  Linking into those findings, TCS is able to support local organisations and businesses to be best prepared for local challenges.

Our Commitment

As the founder and Managing Director of Trident Crisis Solutions Ltd, I am committed to ensure the services we deliver to you are supported by the appropriate level of training and underpinning knowledge.  Furthermore, our own  business arrangements will provide you with the assurances and insurances you need.  

As a Member of the Emergency Planning Society (EPS), the Business Continuity Institute (Bci), the institute of Fire Engineers (FireE) and trained to a standard of ‘Preparing to Teach in Life Long Learning Sector (PTLLS), I am supported by mechanisms to ensure the appropriate standards are maintained.  Furthermore, our training and assessment criteria is based around sector specific National Occupational Standards (NOS’s).

Insurances and Business Continuity Management

The Trident Crisis Solutions Ltd. insurance policy is provided by Markel International Insurance Company Limited (Insurance Policy for Professionals).  The business has sound business continuity management  systems (BCMS) with the ICT provided by a secure and professional off-site service provider and the TCS team is ready to support each other should the need arise. 

Potted History

From 2002 to 2013 I was both responsible and central to the delivery of the off-site emergency planning, testing and exercising arrangements within Greater Manchester (UK) for the Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations (COMAH) 2005, the Pipeline Safety Regulations (PSR) 1996 and the Radiation Emergency Preparedness & Public Information Regulations (REPPIR) 2001. 

Under the Civil Contingencies Act (CCA) 2004 I chaired the County’s Risk Assessment Working Group since the early part of 2005.  Within the Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service I developed and managed the Business Continuity Management arrangements and processes to the British Standard 25999 Parts I & II and then to the BS ISO 22301. 

As a senior Fire Commander with over 31 years of experience and serving for a busy Metropolitan Fire & Rescue Service, I am able to call upon a vast wealth of experiences in operational incident command.  Furthermore, this is enhanced by the additional bespoke roles I performed, namely; Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and conventional explosives (CBRN) Commander, Hazardous Materials and Environmental Protection Officer with additional functionality of the Detection, Identification and Monitoring role,  the niche role of  National Inter-agency Liaison Officer (NILO) working very closely with the Police and Military and, as a rural Wild Fire Officer.

Over the past years the company has developed and expanded and has worked with large metropolitan and private industry organisations to develop and support their resilience requirements. 

With the combination of the support mechanisms the entire team maintains through our professional bodies, the level of operational experience and the roles I and the team have performed throughout our careers, we are able to offer to you the assurance and expertise you need.

Steven Thomas  MEPS  GIFireE

Managing Director

Steve Thomas MEPS GIFireE

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